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Searching for Drummer

September 4, 2017

Dusks Embrace is currently looking for a drummer. We have been active since 2009 and have multiple records released. We are looking to record new material in the near future and begin playing live soon.

Professional gear and attitude are a must as well as a willingness to experiment and learn new things. We are in need of a drummer that is not singularly proficient in any specific style of music. There is a wide range of genres and styles played so having a wide range of musical tastes will be very helpful.

The ability to play more complex time signatures and still maintain groove while avoiding mechanical playing is very important.

If you are interested please send a message to contact@dusksembracemusic.comalbum-cover-smaller

Check the links to see some of the material from our last record.

“With Cleansing Flames” Music Video

“Face Forward” Lyric Video

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November 22, 2016

After two years of work, today we are finally releasing ReAwakening. This record has been one of the hardest and most satisfying projects I have ever worked on. When I first started writing these songs I had no idea how much more they could become when I found the right people to work with.

When I started this record it felt a bit like the end. I felt it summed up what I had learned and where I wanted to go. Now I feel it is just signifying a new beginning and a new sense of excitement towards creating music.

I am very proud to put this record out there. Please crank up your speakers, grab your favorite headphones or whatever you enjoy and give the record a listen. There are quite a few twists and turns and I am more than excited to share this with you. If you feel like supporting I will include links to buy the record digitally and will have the physical copies done very soon. Please enjoy and thanks for all the support so far!


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Two Days Until Release

November 13, 2016

We have two days left until we officially release ReAwakening.
Take a minute and check out this review from
Jacemedia.co.uk to get an idea of what to expect.

Album Review: Dusks Embrace – ReAwakening (2016)

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With Cleansing Flames

October 12, 2016

For anyone who missed the release on ItDjents.com we now have our new video available on our YouTube. We would like to thank Stephan Partipilo for all the work he put in. We are really proud of this and really hope you enjoy it! – Josh –

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“With Cleansing Flames” Video Premiere

October 6, 2016

Our first music video for “With Cleansing Flames” from the new record is being premiered today by It Djents. This record has been a long process but I am really thrilled to finally get this material out there.

Special thanks to Stephan Partipilo for shooting this video for us. We are beyond excited with how it came out. Enjoy! -Josh-

ItDjentsTV: Dusks Embrace – With Cleansing Flames [Exclusive Premier]

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Official “ReAwakening” Announcement

August 25, 2016

Progsphere has been helping us get ready to promote and release this new record. Check out the article here!

ReAwakening press release!

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Aldo Reviews Kayo Dot’s “Choirs of the Eye”

May 6, 2016

Hey everyone, Aldo here. I want to take a moment to talk about one of my favorite albums.

Often called Avant Garde Metal, Choirs of the Eye is one of the records that has influenced my the most in my life. Throughout its 56 minute run time it runs through a variety of sounds and moods, easily switching between minimalist ambient grooves, beautiful symphonic moments and brutal metal ones. Upon first listen I wasn’t sure if I would like the record, but after hearing it a couple of times it really started to open up to me and I was hooked. I remember a time around 2007 when I literally had this record on loop during all moments of the day, constantly finding new bits hidden underneath the densely packed layers of sound and poetry.

Toby Driver is the main writer of this suite, and he does a great job of leading the band with his dynamic vocal range. He can both sing and scream with power, and this is something that I tried to learn from throughout my years as a performer and writer. This is the album that really changed what I thought about music, even after having listened to bands like King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Rush, Mars Volta and many other groups that took composition to the next level.

This album came out in 2003, and while Kayo Dot has released a plethora of newer albums with unique sounds and composition techniques, this particular hour of music still pops into my brain even years after trying to siphon as much from it as I can.

This is an album that requires attentive listening, so take a seat, put some headphones on, drink some tea and absorb it as best you can.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy. let me know in the comments what you think!

– Aldo Calrissian


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“Face Forward” Lyric Video

April 28, 2016

I am really excited to release our first full track from the new record. This track more than any other I think shows the full evolution of this band so far and feels the most representative of where we are heading.

We have a tour coming up later this year and the release of the new record that we will be announcing details for very soon! Till then enjoy. – Josh

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AAL Drum improvisation

April 26, 2016

Our drummer just put out a new video on his YouTube channel:
Fun improv solo over a little Animals as Leaders.

Check out his YouTube channel for more drum videos!

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New Vocalist and “Face Forward” Preview

April 15, 2016

I am very excited to preview the first single off our new album and to finally announce the newest member of the band. Aldo Arevalo (aka Aldo Calrissian) has taken up the lead vocal position. His vocals have brought a whole new depth to the band that has really influenced and enhanced this new record. Soon we will have new photos and videos showcasing him, the debut of the full song and some other very exciting news as far as our live plans for the year go.

2016 is going to be a whole new beginning for the band. This is by far the strongest we have ever been as a band and the most confident I have ever been about what we are bringing to the table musically. – Josh-

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