Dusks Embrace Melodic Metal

Jazzy Improv

We did a little jamming the other day while testing out the new live rig. I thought it was pretty fun so I thought I would throw it up. Hope you enjoy!

First show back

We played our first show back last week at the Panic Room here in Portland. Very soon we will be unveiling the new vocalist and releasing the first song from the new record. I am excited for you all to hear what we have been working on. -Josh_

The Remnant

I just finished a new fractal animation and I am pretty excited about this one. There are still a lot of things I have to learn about this type of video production but I had a lot of fun getting in there and figuring it all out. Hope you enjoy! – Josh –

New Logo Image

Had some fun working on this new image the other day. Anyone recognize what the image is based on?

Dusks Embrace New Logo by jbrewer2186 on DeviantArt

Red Giant

I just finished a new piece that reminded me of a Red Giant. I really liked the star in the back that looks like a pulsar or something similar. Fractals are just too perfect for space type art.

Red Giant by jbrewer2186 on DeviantArt“>

New Album Drum Preview

Here is a little teaser of what is coming soon. Can’t wait to get started on guitars!

New Fractal Preview

Just got done writing the preview for this new Fractal. Should hopefully have the final version rendered here in a few days. Also new photos and videos from the drum tracking sessions are coming soon! – Josh-

It’s that time again!

December 13th we are officially commencing tracking for the new album that will be out in 2016! We have some announcements coming soon and some really exciting news for the coming year. Make sure to stay tuned, there will be much more coming soon!

3D Fractals!

I just finished my first attempt working on 3d fractal animations. It will be around 2-3 months till I get the full version of this video done but I thought I would share a little preview.


Practicing Without a Guitar!

One of my friends on YouTube gave me the idea to do a video on how to practice guitar when your guitar is nowhere to be found. I thought that was a fun idea so I gave it some thought and here is my video. If anyone else has some cool ideas for lesson videos I would love to hear them.