Dusks Embrace Melodic Metal


After two years of work, today we are finally releasing ReAwakening. This record has been one of the hardest and most satisfying projects I have ever worked on. When I first started writing these songs I had no idea how much more they could become when I found the right people to work with.

When I started this record it felt a bit like the end. I felt it summed up what I had learned and where I wanted to go. Now I feel it is just signifying a new beginning and a new sense of excitement towards creating music.

I am very proud to put this record out there. Please crank up your speakers, grab your favorite headphones or whatever you enjoy and give the record a listen. There are quite a few twists and turns and I am more than excited to share this with you. If you feel like supporting I will include links to buy the record digitally and will have the physical copies done very soon. Please enjoy and thanks for all the support so far!


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