Dusks Embrace Melodic Metal

Searching for Drummer

Dusks Embrace is currently looking for a drummer. We have been active since 2009 and have multiple records released. We are looking to record new material in the near future and begin playing live soon.

Professional gear and attitude are a must as well as a willingness to experiment and learn new things. We are in need of a drummer that is not singularly proficient in any specific style of music. There is a wide range of genres and styles played so having a wide range of musical tastes will be very helpful.

The ability to play more complex time signatures and still maintain groove while avoiding mechanical playing is very important.

If you are interested please send a message to contact@dusksembracemusic.comalbum-cover-smaller

Check the links to see some of the material from our last record.

“With Cleansing Flames” Music Video

“Face Forward” Lyric Video

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